Aims & Scope

The European Journal of Chemistry, Environment and Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 2606-6025) is an international peer-reviewed scholarly research publication in the areas of chemical, environment, and engineering sciences (published trimonthly). Articles are written in English. The journal aims for rapid publication of papers of high quality and significance. All manuscripts are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process.

The European Journal of Chemistry, Environment and Engineering Sciences is an international multidisciplinary journal that publishes original research papers, review articles, mini-review papers, and short communications in an electronic format only. Special issues devoted to important topics in chemistry, environment, and engineering sciences will occasionally be published.

The main aspects of research areas include, but are not exclusive to, analytical chemistry (including new techniques and instrumentation); electrochemistry; pharmaceutical chemistry; food chemistry; photochemistry; polymer chemistry; biochemistry; physical chemistry; inorganic and  organic synthesis; medicinal chemistry; nanomaterials synthesis and characterization; environmental chemistry and biology; microbiology; bacteriology; nanotechnology; environment pollution control; transport and fate of pollutants in the environment; concentrations and dispersion of wastes in air, water, and soil; chemical, physical and biological processes affecting flora, fauna, water, air and soil in relation to environmental pollution; aquatic pollution including ground water, wastewater and marine pollution, analysis and elimination of contaminants (pesticides, pharmaceutical compounds,…); effects of pollutants on humans, animals and environment; agriculture and soil chemistry; soil pollution; soil biodegradation and bioremediation of contaminated sites, environmental science, environmental impact assessment, natural products; heavy metals and organic compounds in the environment; atmospheric pollutants and trace gases, climate change pollution and it's prevention; treatment processes for water and wastewaters, municipal, agricultural and industrial; water quality monitoring and assessment; desalination systems for water supply; application of mathematical modelling and system analysis techniques; modelling of source waters; treatment and distribution systems; environmental chemical and process engineering; chemical reaction engineering: reaction kinetics, applied catalysis, simulation and optimization of different types of reactors; novel reactor designs and materials; emerging reactor technologies: membrane reactors, electrochemical reactors, micro-reactors, photo-reactors, enzymatic reactors; novel materials for energy and advanced applications, pure and applied corrosion, degradation of materials…

Disclaimer: The editor of the European Journal of Chemistry, Environment and Engineering Sciences (EJCEES) does not claim responsibility or liability for statements made and opinions expressed by author(s) in their articles.