Vol 1, Issue 1 (2017)

Published on 2017-12-27


Date production increased every campaign, but this increase is accompanied by an increase in date losses. This pattern can be exploited by the food industry. The objective of this work was the valorization of date kernels in the production of coffee. In this study, a physicochemical, biochemical and sensory study was conducted on date kernels of three varieties Deglet Nour, Kentichi and Alligh. The results show that the date kernels of these varieties are rich in total sugars, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidant activity. Also, the sensory profile revealed that the coffee of the roasted kernels of the Deglet Noor and Alligh varieties is better than that of the Kentichi variety. Therefore, these results are encouraging for the use of Deglet Nour and Alligh for making coffee.


  • Monia Jemni
  • Sofien Chniti
  • Sihem Maachia
  • Besma Rahal
  • Ahmed Namsi


  • Kernels
  • Dates
  • Coffee
  • Valorization

Pages: 7

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