Vol 1, Issue 1 (2017)

Published on 2017-12-27


Biogas has attracted a lot of interest, but use and commercialization is hit by its calorific value altered by the presence of CO2, during this study we tested solid state scrubber, this approach is based on use of CO2 scrubbers fixed on a large surface area matrix. Two scrubbers were studied: LiOH and a mixture of NH3 and C2H5OH. The materials used as matrix were activated charcoal and bentonite clay. The results showed a good CO2 scrubbing potential with reduced composites and in very short time as well as a very interesting environmental advantage.


  • Soulimane Zaoui
  • Hayate Laiche
  • Mohammed Berrabah
  • Hicham Elmsellem
  • Mohamed Elamin Afilal


  • Biogas
  • CO2 scrubber
  • Calorific value
  • Clay
  • Bentonite

Pages: 5

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