Vol 2, Issue 1 (2018)

Published on 2018-02-28


This work is the first attempt to study the effect of Brittle Leaf Disease BLD on the fruit date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) quality at three maturity stage: Kimri, Khlal and Tamar. Fruits from healthy trees (H) and fruits from affected trees by BLD (A) were evaluated physically: Length, width, weight, color, moisture content (%) and chemically: pH, reducing sugars, mineral content (K, P and Mn). BLD caused a significant decrease on fruit’s length at kimri and tamr stage and it caused a significant increase in fruit’s weight at khlal stage. The BLD has a significant effect on the luminosity at tamr stage and it has no significant effect on pulp moisture content and pH values of fruit date palm. BLD-disease was associated with an increase in reducing sugars at khlal and tamr stage. The fruit date palm from BLD-affected trees had the highest concentrations of P, K and Mn at khlal stage.


  • Ahmed Namsi
  • Sihem Ben Maachia
  • Monia Jemni
  • Nada Derouich
  • Houcine Ben Abdallah
  • Mohamed Laid Takrouni


  • Fruit date palm
  • Parameters
  • Fruit quality
  • BLD

Pages: 7

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