Submission of Papers

Only original papers are considered for publication in EJCEES. It is essential that author(s) prepare their manuscript according to established specifications given in the author guidelines. Contributors are strongly encouraged to carefully read the author guidelines before preparing a manuscript for submission in EJCEES. Therefore, author(s) must use the template file for manuscript preparation. The template file offers author(s) many features that ease manuscript preparation. All figures and tables can be integrated into the manuscript where author(s) wishes to place them.

Manuscripts are written in English. Manuscripts with language deficiencies, i.e., grammatical errors, fluency, etc., create problems during the review process. Therefore, corrections must be made carefully and rapidly by the author(s). For this, a manuscript might be returned to the corresponding author(s) for correcting these deficiencies. The editor can ask the corresponding author(s) to consult a native English speaker or an editing service for correcting the manuscript.

Note: Plagiarism (copying others’ work) is an act of fraud and is treated seriously by the editorial office. The EJCEES is committed to check for plagiarism and self-plagiarism in the submission manuscript.

The manuscript and cover letter (including four reviewer’s propositions) should be sent via e-mail as attachment in (.doc) format to the journal office:


Cover Letter
Copyright Transfer Form

Submitted manuscripts are routinely screened by software to check the originality of the submitted manuscripts by the editor and expert referees. The review step shall ensure that all author(s) have equal opportunity for publication of their articles in EJCEES. After the first evaluation of an editor, a full peer-review process is employed in which the manuscript is sent to reviewers for peer-review process. Then, the reviewers’ comments and recommendations determine whether the submitted manuscript will be accepted for publication as is/accepted for publication with minor, moderate, or major changes (subject to resubmission after revision)/rejected.

Reviewers’ comments will be forwarded to the corresponding author(s). The author(s) have just one month to submit their revised manuscript. It is encouraged to read and respond to the editor and review comments and to indicate changes made in the manuscript.

For papers that require changes, the reviewers will recheck the revised manuscript to ensure that the quality of the paper is acceptable. Then, the editor reserves the right to refuse and to make suggestions and/or modifications before acceptance of publication of the paper in EJCEES. The editor evaluates the remarks and notifies the author(s) by email of the published paper status.

The author(s) may be asked to declare that the manuscript has not been submitted to another journal for consideration at the same time, and the author(s) have no conflict of interest related to the manuscript. The submitting corresponding author(s) are responsible for obtaining agreement of all co-author(s) as well as any sponsor-required consent before submitting a paper. Responsibility for the content of a paper resides on the author(s) and not on the editor or on the EJCEES.

The author(s) are required to submit the Copyright Transfer Form before online publication. A completed Copyright Transfer Form must be filed for each accepted manuscript; it should be duly signed, scanned, and sent to the editor. No manuscript will undergo the publication process without this agreement. Copyright Transfer Form for publication should be sent via e-mail as an attachment to us to:

After all the necessary procedures are completed, the paper will be published online in the journal platform of EJCEES. The editor will send notification via email to the corresponding author(s) immediately after online publication. Once the paper is accepted for publication, no changes in, or additions to, the accepted manuscript will be allowed.